Outdoor Furniture for Sexy Summer Time in Your Garden or Poolside

The summer solstice was a couple of days ago, and you know what that means: It is summer officially and patio/garden/poolside season is here! The days are long, and the weather is hot. So, the time you will spend outdoors in your garden or poolside will rise too, inspiring this slideshow of cool outdoor furniture to spruce up your garden or poolside. From $25,000 parasol/hammock/lounge combo all the way to sexy Pierre Lescop’s deckchair, these pieces of outdoor furniture are all designed for your pleasure. And if you do have the space (and cash), you should use it!

Luxury Hammocks

Imagine having $25k hammock – for that money it must be special. The Royal Botania’s Wave lounge, parasol, hammock combo is a project of Gustav Strom + Erik Nyberg. It stands on a single point of support, yet can hold two adults and withstand (almost) all kinds of wind and rain. Royal Botania

Minimalist Outdoor Furniture

On the lookout for innovations, Dedon (famous brand name from Germany) found inspiration in ancient eastern philosophy. Beautiful curves and great contrast are the most important features of this minimalist seating. Stand alone or united, it exhibits its superior design and elegant woven by hand surfaces. The bronze and platinum colours evoke rich natural colours and lure you to a session of perfect revitalization. Dedon

Romantic Outdoor Furniture

Just great for relaxing in the garden or poolside, the Patricia Urquiola’s Swing Chair imparts a truly one-of-a-kind lattice work aesthetic to weather-resistant furnishings. This designer chair is suspended by rope from a rod and base, and comes with an eye-catching web like design which we believe would look as good in your living room as it does in your garden. Patricia Urquiola

Cool Deck Chairs

The Equilibre is designed by Pierre Lescop. The design utilizes one fluid piece of material in order to create a tranquilizing and sci-fi piece of poolside furniture. It is available in several different fashionable colours including blue, yellow and bright orange. The wave position provides ultimate relaxation and true comfort. Sunbathing has never seemed so great. Don’t you think so? Pierre Lescop

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

The next best thing to summer grill parties, ice cold cocktails and girls in bikinis during the summer is the ability to nap outside in the sun. This outdoor lounge bed by Usona Home is the very best piece to have in your garden for that purpose. Getting one will allow you to make the most of your sexy summer time before winter arrives. Its super-comfy mattress features a full three-hundred-and-sixty sun shade which can be easily adjusted to your liking. It’s water repellent and made from ultra-violet resistant material. That basically means that its users will not burn as easily when they are laying down. Usona Home

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