Gothic Style Tables, Cabinets and Dressers

Due to the popularity of fantasy films like Lord of the Rings, gothic styles are something that intrigues and appeals to many of us. Furniture crafted in a slightly more fantasy style and unique approach is quite trendy these days. Today, we look at several gothic furniture designs. They are the project of Michel Haillard. Tables, cabinets, and dressers designed and made in a foreboding and gothic look. Manufactured out of bronze and solid wood, next covered in exotic fabrics like ostrich parchment, Mongolian sheepskin, zebra skin, and alligator, each and every piece features the look of something from a fantasy adventure film. The gothic furniture pieces are finished off with even more interesting items, using reindeer horns as décor, and warthog teeth or billiard balls for handles and knobs. With their animal skins, the furniture looks quite surreal adding to its fantasy look – as it may literally come to life at any moment. For those people who have a true passion for all things dark, from design to music, these furniture pieces will definitely appeal to the interior design tastes.









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