Dressed-Up Furniture Series by Kamkam

Korean design studio Kamkam has designed the Dressed-Up Furniture series. The theme of this collection is to mix furniture and clothes. It’ll make you feel fresh by combining the well-known elements of home furniture such as chair and everyday activities such as fastening a button. The collection consists of dressed up stool, Cham, Cham bench, and belt felt. The button on the dressed up stool isn’t simply a visual effect; it is a totally new experience of extended actions like closing and opening doors and storing. The upholstery can be easily locked by the 3 buttons on the side and fixed by rolling it up using a magnet once you stash items inside. The very elastic soft sponge of upper side guarantees long-lastingness of the cozy seat. Cham is mingled with clothes in terms of convenience and design. It can be easily fastened using the belt or the inner magnet that fixes the belt-door rolled.

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