Bookcase Chairs: Best Space Saving Furniture for Small Apartments

Bookcases are as varied in shape & size as the books they hold. And while some prefer the feel of crisp new book, some people enjoy modern space saving furniture. Creative and quite stylish, the unique design of these “chairs of knowledge” offers a wealth of arrangement choices for your books, and the comfort and practicality of the built-in seating stirs your mood for reading.

Round Bookcase

The Archive bookshelf line by David Garcia is a detailed look into the connection between books & space. The designer posed the question, ‘How can an individual travel with its own library?’ Having that in mind, this line was born. The Archive II is a round library combination and transportation system. It was designed with Eastern traveling libraries that existed in ancient times in mind. Archive I is a perfectly weight balanced piece of home furniture with chair on one end and books on the other end. David Garcia

Lounge Bookcase

Why waste space & cash getting a bookshelf and lounger when you can get the Bookseat by Fishbol? It’s a bookcase bench lounger combination – a perfect space saving furniture for small apartments. It’s made from Canadian birch plywood and comes with a comfortable felt cushion with customizable colours. Fishbol

Modern Bookcase Chair

With a convenient storage space under the seat, this bookcase/chair makes it easy to reach for favorite reading whenever needed. Not only is this chair modern, it’s perfect for small apartments too, eliminating the need for extra bookcases and (usually unattractive) shelving. Remi van Oers

Foldable Bookcase

The Take a Seat is a super-stylish piece of furniture which will make for practical storage of seating in modern urban apartments. It’s a really great chair that folds into a book. We know it may sound a bit strange, but it is actually quite useful. What’s more, the Take a Seat seems to be as comfy as it’s eye-catching. Just imagine all the space you’ll save, when the convenient seating is safely tucked away on the bookcase. Darris Hamroun

Bookcase Armchair

Do you live in a small urban apartment? The Nobody & Co. Bibliochaise bookcase-chair is worth checking out. Basically, it is the bookcase armchair combo. Displaying cool books is always a great way to impress your friends and (uneducated) family members, but if you want to really wow that special someone, then you are going to need the Bibliochaise! It’s a must-have for all of you bookworms out there who have exhausted all of your book shelving space and are now using your favorite reading as table levelers and coasters. Nobody & Co.

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