Best Modern TV Units for Living Room

In each living room where we spend most of our time, there’s a need for a TV unit which can do the duty of concealing all the video/audio equipment and yet not be a total “eyesore.” It has to be big enough to hold a flat screen plasma or LCD TV, enable easy access to equipment which requires a clear sightline to their infrared wand that controls their each and every move. Below is a list of our top five TV units, from minimalist and modern all the way to hi-tech and sci-fi models. Which one is your favorite?

Wall Unit with Hidden TV

Regardless of the innovative technology, sleek design and features found in TV sets, they usually lack the sophistication and elegance of other living room furniture. The Cubiko by Gruber + Schlager combines these requirements into one compact TV wall unit that has eye-catching high gloss cabinet doors framing beautiful dark wooden drawers. Well hidden behind this sophisticated exterior, it has a remote controlled unit that lowers & raises your TV. It comes in a selection of enamels and woods, and is made to suit modern living room décor. Overall, it’s a brilliant unit which offers a clean clear view of the TV and at the same time preserves the appeal of your living room. Gruber + Schlager

Wall Hung TV Unit

Once switched on, the Soul of Pop by Dalcan transforms into a sci-fi stereo/video home theater system with a mysterious appeal. It truly stands out due to its h- tech High Def LED screen which camouflages itself as soon as switched off. With an anti scratch & UV coating, the screen’s alternate offline mode gives it the look of a minimalist artwork. This actually enables it to be so much more than only a TV unit. Dalcan

TV Unit with Shelving

This ultra-modern cabinet gussies any living room wall up without taking down TV. It perfectly blends your flat screen TV with the shelves. And that’s just great if you like minimalist home décor. Besides enabling homeowners to hide their TV, this TV unit enables them to move it along the shelf therefore that they can easily access the storage space behind. Ultra-practical unit with minimalist aesthetic! Acerbis

Ultra Modern Media Storage

The very best in the list of stereo/video systems! There are no more boundaries between the home-entertainment area and a living area! The 115 Modern Wall Unit has a 59 inch TV wall panel framed by LED lights and ultra-elegant cabinetry. Cool LED lights are available in sixteen different colours. You can regulate them via remote control. The unit is asymmetrical in design, and includes not only vertical but horizontal cabinets as well, without or with doors to enable homeowners to arrange their display exactly as they wish. Milmueble

Futuristic TV Unit

Home audio & automation expert Gibson Music has designed a mind-blowing TV console named the Split-Box. It’s basically a TV unit which houses & conceals up to a 60’’ flat screen plasma or LCD TVs and all of stereo/audio equipment. Split Box

The square, bulky, heavy picture tube, the standard TV technology for over six decades, is heading for the dustbin of history way faster than anyone anticipated. So step into the future and get one of these flat screen TV units for your living room!

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