Rocky Collection from Joel Escalona – Expressions of Domestic Rebellion

The design of the Rocky Collection is somewhere between imaginative ways of protection for the household necessities and vandalizing. Exceptionally attractive design!

Recognized by its one of a kind design, this collection helps the space to look more sophisticated.

The unusual living room furniture set consists of 4 remarkable furniture pieces: TV cabinet, coffee table, credenza and wardrobe closet. Although their design is basically pretty much the same, the colorful set differs a lot from the black one. The first will perfectly match a nonconformist, very individualized interior space however the black set should only be integrated in a minimalist, opulent living space. However, both the black and the color collection have their own beauty. In case one wishes to create slightly more minimalist than the black series is the right choice. For those who want more colors to brighten up the space, the color series is the best solution.

Collection consists of a:

  • TV Cabinet: 200 by 40 by 45 cm
  • Wardrobe: 80 by 40 by 180 cm
  • Credenza: 200 by 40 by 75 cm
  • Coffee Table: 80 by 80 by 45 cm

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